Vertical Form Fill Sealing (VFFS) machine


We repair a large variety of Factory Automation Machines ranging from Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machines all the way to Packaging and Bottling machines, even to Conveyor Belts. Our repairs include mechanical malfunctions, defective electronics, and programming problems.


Machined parts for system upgrades we build in our own machine shop. When the replacement of worn out Machine Controls becomes necessary we integrate our custom PLC controllers with Touch Screen into the target system. These "Front Panels" make great upgrades for older machines, while OEMs use them as a Human Machine Interface (HMI) to control their Automated Manufacturing Machines and other devices.


A VFFS machines resemble a vertically oriented assembly line which is fed with Packaging material and a granular or other Product. The end product which exits the machine is a sealed bag filled with a pre defined quantity of the product, ready to be boxed.

VFFS machine


Machine orientation is vertical to reduce footprint and for gravity to assist in the manufacturing process.


The machine is fed an endless roll of plastic foil which typically is pre printed. From this the machine forms a round tube and welds the longitudinal seam. In a second operation it cuts off a part of the tube and welds the bottom shut. Now there is a bag ready to be filled. A form process tends to be much faster than subsequent processes.

VFFS machine


Most VFFS machines have multiple "Fill" stations working in parallel, thereby allowing the "Form" station to run at full speed. The job of each "Fill" station is to load the bag with the desired weight or quantity of the product.


The top seam of the bag is now welded, thereby placing the product into an air tight container. When necessary the filled bag is formed into a square, rectangular, or other shape before it exits the machine. The shaping process is to assists in subsequent boxing operations.

Services provided

We specialize in the repair of VFFS machines and we integrate our custom built PLC controllers with touch screen into this and other types of Automated Manufacturing Machines.

VFFS machine