We maintain and repair machines built in the US and overseas, our main market segment is special machines built for the production of custom goods. Our repairs cover mechanical, electrical, electronic, and programming problems. Where necessary we build mechanical upgrades and design new Controls. Based on over 50 years of experience we can handle a wide range of problems.


Once a machine is down it can quickly get expensive, not only in terms of down time, but also for repair and spare parts. Workload permitting we will be on-site within hours and perform the quickest possible repair at reasonable prices. We know where to get spare parts and if necessary we build them in our own machine shop. Some of our service engineers are multi lingual and therefore particularly efficient when repairing European machines, procuring spares, or obtaining information from the manufacturer.

Marble polishing machine from Italy. Control upgraded.
Marble polishing machine from Italy.
Control upgraded.
Vacuum forming machine from Germany.PLC program replaced.
Vacuum forming machine from Germany.
PLC program replaced.


From time to time it is necessary to modify the manufactured product in order to meet market changes. That’s when production machinery may have to be upgraded. We offer mechanical and electronic modifications of the highest quality and at reasonable prices. Please contact us for a quote.


On many occasions we are called to repair problems after a machine has been moved. This type of repair tends to be time consuming and costly. The good news is that these costs can be avoided. Disassembly of fragile controls, transport, and re-attaching 100s of wires is a job for a person with the required skills, experience, and dedication. This is particularly true when the machines and controls are older and therefore more fragile, even the smallest mistake tends to be very costly in terms of time and money. It is best to avoid these mistakes from the beginning. That is where we come in, we have done this many times, and we guarantee our work.


Machines must be maintained well in order to avoid down time and repair. It is common wisdom that maintenance costs little money and repairs a lot of money. It seems smart to minimize down time and repair costs by extending a machine the necessary care. This is definitely a job for skilled people with the right experience and foresight for planning and execution. We offer that service.

Bagging machine for snacks.Metal detector added.
Bagging machine for snacks.
Metal detector added.