Custom Controls for OEM Machines

Our PLC and touch screen based machine controllers add functionality and a modern hi-tech look to machines and thereby increase value. They combine a new appearance and user comfort with such outstanding options as: Menu Driven Control, Remote Control, and Internet Monitoring, is now economically feasible for one of a kind machines and production runs for many machines.

Machines under development

For new machines we offer controls with touch screen or switches, we program them to suit customer needs. Through our experience and efficiency it has become economically feasible to add a modern looking touch screen with a built in control unit at a very reasonable price. Imagine the looks of the new machine equipped with a modern front panel which looks like a Tablet Computer, and in addition, envision such options as: Menu driven Remote Control through a Smart Phone, and Internet monitoring. It's only a few steps away...

Vintage machines

Frequently, the mechanical elements of older machines outlast their control unit. Owners find it costly and sometimes impossible to repair old controls; they may conclude that they are forced into buying a new machine. When that happens we suggest replacing the old controls and keeping the mechanical section of the machine. Our controllers are programmable and they are built to adjust easily to new requirements. We program our controls to replace the functionality of the defective controller and we can add options such as: Remote Control through a Smart Phone and Monitoring through the Internet.


The good news is that because of today's high prices for new machinery there may be an overall cash savings of 80 to 95%.


Imagine the looks of the machine which has served you so well over all these years, now equipped with a front panel that looks like a Tablet Computer, and envision such rich options as remote control and Internet access. The opportunities are endless; during a night shift the machine could even send alert messages to a home computer. It's only a few steps away...

HMI430 Demo Screen HMI430 Demo Screen HMI430 Demo Screen HMI430 Demo Screen
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